Happy 02021 from Superorganism! 🧵🪡

Sun, Jan 31, 2021

Hello and Happy New Year from Ariana & Tara at Superorganism!

Happy 02021 from Superorganism! 🧵🪡

image: a fitting screenshot for the end of this year, Ariana in one of the year’s many temporary home offices with James in the background, Tara with new pup Fia, trying to find moments to smile at each other through the cameras

We have been talking a lot recently about how much we love and value rituals, big or small, well-recognized or just made up. There’s a lot about traditional holidays we could leave behind (the obligations, the stress, the gifts that no one wanted, etc.), but we do love the idea of choosing our own things, days, and ways of celebrating and marking time. The new year is one of those. Our first newsletter was written to mark last year’s Lunar New Year (read last year’s year-in-review), and this year we were excited to use the occasion as an opportunity for some collective reflecting and appreciating everything last year was (especially given everything this past year wasn’t). You’ll probably be hearing more from us about ritual this year, but the ritual design toolkit is a great place to start for anyone interested.

And so, as December comes to a close, your yearly Superorganism update:

Looking back on projects of 02020

Creative Commons Canada Report

Envisioning a more open future with Creative Commons Canada

Prompts from our Introductions Card Game used during our CMU workshop

Talking about what we do with Carnegie Mellon design undergraduates

Workshop screenshot from Josina Vink. Quote & photo of adrienne maree brown.

Practicing the worlds we want at the virtual RSD9 conference

The values our workshop participants hope for from the future that they can prefigure right now

Government consulting on systemic design

Cover of the Sharing Like We Mean It report

Sharing like we mean it with Cultural Workers Organize

Design + Justice resources

Writing about where design meets justice

Looking back on Superorganism in 02020

Other things we accomplished and applaud each other for from this year:

Looking forward… Superorganism Visioning

A screenshot from a recent visioning session to mark the winter solstice. Backgrounds are a Carson Ellis illustration for children’s book The Shortest Day.

Last spring, we led a workshop for ourselves to better articulate our vision for Superorganism. For part of that session, we challenged ourselves to summarize our visions from different categories (our dream relationship with money, our lifestyle, our dream peer network, etc.) in a single sentence. We’ve shared some of those below (note: these are evolving!).

P.S. If you are interested in conducting a similar exercise for a group you are a part of, we would love to help you do that.

Things we’re interested in right now:

Looking forward to more exploring and chatting about these things with you.

Wishing you care for yourselves and each other in 02021. Lots of love,

Ariana & Tara